An intensive deep clean, where valeting meets detailing. No surface is left untouched, inside and out. The vehicle is thoroughly washed and de-contaminated removing tar deposits, iron particles and other fallout associated with modern motoring. The paintwork is then cleansed with a mild polish to prepare the surface for protection and to improve the gloss of the paint.
We then apply a coat of sealant or wax, whichever you would rather to protect your paintwork from the elements and further enhance the gloss of the paint.
Without protection your car is vulnerable to being exposed to harsh conditions such as road salt, grit and below freezing temperatures. Damaging the finish and devaluing your vehicle
The interior of your car gets a similar level of treatment with a full deep clean leaving your vehicle transformed and protected from the elements.


  • Wheels thoroughly cleaned - front face, behind spokes and inner barrel

  • Wheel arches pressure washed to remove dirt and grime

  • Vehicle thoroughly rinsed with pressure washer

  • Snowfoam cleaner applied to safely loosen remaining dirt and road grime

  • Door shuts, boot and bonnet shuts deep cleaned and degreased

  • Safe wash using 2 bucket method, using washmitts and ph neutral shampoo

  • 3 step decontamination - Chemical decontamination process to remove tar deposits and embedded iron/ industrial fallout followed by a clay bar to ensure perfectly smooth and clean paintwork

  • Vehicle carefully dried using specialist microfibre towels

  • Paintwork cleansed by machine polish to restore clarity and gloss (this is not paint correction)

  • Synthetic sealant or Carnauba wax applied to paintwork (clients choice)

  • High temperature sealant applied to wheel faces

  • Glass cleaned inside and out

  • Tyre dressing applied – choice of gloss or satin finish

  • Wheel arches dressed

  • Durable dressing applied to exterior trims and plastic

  • Exhaust tips polished

  • Interior vacuumed – including boot

  • Storage areas emptied of waste and rubbish

  • All surfaces cleaned and degreased

  • Surfaces safely steam cleaned to kill bacteria and neutralise odours

  • Fabric seats – Shampooed and extracted to remove ingrained dirt and stains

  • Leather seats – Deep cleaned and treated (conditioner applied when appropriate)

  • Carpets and mats shampooed, extracted and steam cleaned

  • Plastic and rubber surfaces treated to leave a protected factory finish