If you have recently bought a new car and want it to look its best.

The majority of new cars aren’t perfect. They will often need machine polishing to remove minor defects picked up on the vehicles journey to you through the manufacturing, transportation and Pre Delivery Inspection valeting process.

Most dealerships will offer protection packages such as AutoGlym Lifeshine, Gard X, Supaguard and Diamondbrite. These can cost well in excess of £400 and are usually backed up with unrealistic claims of lifetime longevity.

Unfortunately these packages are often incorrectly applied on top of poor paint finishes. This work is usually carried out by the dealership valeting team who have not had adequate training and are often under tight time constraints.

We are proud to offer our New Car Detail, rectifying and perfecting all of your vehicles surfaces and then adding durable superior protection. We typically spend around 2 days on your vehicle, decontaminating the paintwork, machine polishing to remove minor imperfections and leaving your car with the best possible finish. We then protect your paintwork using some of the best ceramic coatings on the market leaving a durable and high gloss finish to protect your investment and making it easy to maintain.


  • Wheels thoroughly cleaned - front face, behind spokes and inner barrel

  • Wheel arches pressure washed to remove dirt and grime

  • Vehicle thoroughly rinsed with pressure washer

  • Snowfoam cleaner applied to safely loosen remaining dirt and road grime

  • Door shuts, boot and bonnet shuts deep cleaned and degreased

  • Safe wash using 2 bucket method, using washmitts and ph neutral shampoo

  • 3 step decontamination - Chemical decontamination process to remove tar deposits and embedded iron/ industrial fallout followed by a clay bar to ensure perfectly smooth and clean paintwork

  • Vehicle carefully dried using warm filtered forced air and specialist microfibre towels

  • Single Stage Machine Polish to remove swirl marks and minor defects. This will enhance the gloss, clarity and colour of your vehicles paintwork.

  • Synthetic Sealant or Carnauba Wax applied to paintwork - Ceramic Coating upgrade available

  • Sealant applied to wheel faces - Ceramic Coating upgrade available

  • Glass cleaned inside and out - rain repellant coating applied to exterior

  • Tyre dressing applied – choice of gloss or satin finish

  • Wheel arches dressed

  • Ceramic trim coating applied to exterior trims and plastic

  • Exhaust tips polished

  • Interior vacuumed, dusted and cleaned

  • Leather wiped down and treated with leather protectant to prevent staining and dye transfer

  • All fabric upholstery, carpets and mats treated with stain and water repellent

  • Plastic and rubber surfaces treated to leave a protected factory finish