This is the very best that you can get, the ultimate in our quest for perfection.
The ultimate detail combines our major paint correction package with our interior deep clean package and adds all of the protection you could possibly want.
Full engine bay detail, wheels off clean, fabric and leather protection topped off with a ceramic coating to the exterior paint, trim and wheels.
Meticulously prepared and protected to the highest standards. This package really is what it takes to make your car the best it can be.


  • Wheels thoroughly cleaned - front face, behind spokes and inner barrel

  • Wheel arches pressure washed to remove dirt and grime

  • Vehicle thoroughly rinsed with pressure washer

  • Snowfoam cleaner applied to safely loosen remaining dirt and road grime

  • Door shuts, boot and bonnet shuts deep cleaned and degreased

  • Safe wash using 2 bucket method, using washmitts and ph neutral shampoo

  • 3 step decontamination - Chemical decontamination process to remove tar deposits and embedded iron/ industrial fallout followed by a clay bar to ensure perfectly smooth and clean paintwork

  • Vehicle carefully dried using warm filtered forced air and specialist microfibre towels

  • Multi stage machine polish (usually 3-4 stages) to remove deeper marks and defects around 95% correction is achieved.

  • Long life ceramic coating applied to paintwork to protect and enhance vehicles appearance. 

  • Temperature resistant Ceramic coating applied to wheels – inside and out

  • Glass cleaned inside and out - rain repellant coating applied to exterior

  • Tyre dressing applied – choice of gloss or satin finish

  • Wheel arches dressed

  • Ceramic trim coating applied to exterior trims and plastic

  • Exhaust tips polished

  • Interior vacuumed and dusted 

  • Storage areas emptied of waste and rubbish

  • All surfaces cleaned and degreased 

  • Surfaces safely steam cleaned to kill bacteria and neutralise odours 

  • Fabric seats – Shampooed and extracted to remove ingrained dirt and stains

  • Leather seats – Deep cleaned and treated with leater protectant (conditioner applied     when appropriate) 

  • Carpets and mats shampooed, extracted and steam cleaned

  • All fabric upholstery, carpets and mats treated with stain and water repellent

  • Plastic and rubber surfaces treated to leave a protected factory finish